Human Technologies, Inc.

The Challenge

Human Technologies is a professional recruiting and human resource consulting firm in Greenville, SC, offering comprehensive custom solutions from staffing to operations. HTI believes that treating the workforce right and providing the environment and processes to empower them are critical.

The challenge to F3 Concepts was to propose furniture and workstations that fit the space and overall design esthetics of the architect and designer and to support the high performing culture of HTI.  F3 also needed to provide an installation that could easily be modified and rearranged due to growth and change in workflow process.


The Solution

F3 Concepts used 3D rendering software to virtually “sit” at every desk to ensure it offered a view and natural light from the exterior building windows.

Since the initial project install, workstations have been rearranged in the field and additional units added with ease. Evolve Systems of Global Furniture Group offers well designed workstations with flexibility to allow for future growth and changes. F3 was able to use the existing Evolve inventory of HTI and add very few pieces to achieve new layouts that meet the demands of existing staff. Due to company growth, Human Technologies, Inc. also expanded into office space in another floor of their building. F3 matched furniture and design esthetics to their existing space for a consistent brand experience.

F3 Concepts’ adaptive approach conserves resources, provides a thoughtful fit of work space and delivers sustainable and ergonomic function for the installation.


Making the Space Work

  • Strategically installed glass in workstations achieves natural light flow and peripheral views.
  • The use of 3D rendering software provides the ability to determine the best layouts for the new space.
  • Reusing existing furniture in new configurations conserves resources and budget.
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