Build out and setup – F3 takes it from raw to ready.

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We’ll do the heavy lifting in your next move.

F3 is above and beyond most furniture dealers, integrating design and delivery into the overall construction process. We’re happy to spend time onsite during construction, offering guidance about everything from electrical outlet placement to door width to ensure that your furniture fits and communicates a cohesive corporate vision.

Delivery and Installation Management

We’re there for every delivery to inspect the order and ensure each piece is installed correctly, minimizing any loss in productivity.

Continued Project Management

Timing is everything. F3 tracks component delivery and coordinates arrival at the right time. A smoothly coordinated effort between the construction, delivery, and assembly teams saves time, headache, and cost.

Interior Signage

Bring the corporate brand on to the office walls. F3 can design and install all interior room and directional signage as part of the interior design build out.

Small office or big corporate remodel . . .

Let’s talk about it.

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