Space design sets the expectation.

Corporate design and planning – promoting people, place and purpose.

Our passion for great office space design gets to the root of what makes companies thrive. Corporate spaces are never one-size-fits-all, and furniture represents a large investment. Make both space and equipment work their hardest for your company. F3’s corporate planning services find the potential in every space:


productivity increases can be seen in well designed spaces.

Design consultation

Whether you’re renovating existing space or planning new construction, our interior design staff offers aesthetic advice that incorporates work habits, clientele, branding and productivity needs into your furniture selection.

Architectural and design coordination

Because we understand the important role of the architectural process in creating your overall space, we can engage in productive conversations with your architect and builder to suggest ways that your building plans can fully integrate the most productive furniture choices.

Cohesive design plans

Combining color, texture, size and purpose, our design plans provide specific product recommendations along with the concrete direction to make your space strategies a reality.

Bringing concepts to reality . . .

Rendered 3D office space.

Actual office space.

Use our design experience to . . .

Make Better Decisions

No one likes surprises during a build out. Our use of advanced modeling tools during the design phase gives an excellent bird’s eye view of your new space. Make more informed decisions about furniture placement, type, and quantity.

Allocate the Right Space

With corporate flex time and cloud working becoming more common, the size and shape of corporate work spaces are changing too. F3 gets to know not only what you do, but how you do it and designs a space that’s rightsized for you.


of employees actually use their assigned workstations.

Reflect Your Corporate Personality

Great space design will inspire employees and customers alike. Through experience and listening, F3 blends great design, human efficiency modeling, and unique personal touches into a space to be proud of.

Small office or big corporate remodel . . .

Let’s talk about it.

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