Boundaries are Boring.

F3 finds the best furniture for the space.

F3 Space Concepts’ brand-independent approach puts the absolute best furniture into a client’s space, not just the best furniture within a carried product line up. This freedom lets F3 adapt to the needs of every client, matching budget to furniture line. Looking for furniture made from mostly recycled content? Hand-made custom meeting room table? An office set that will knock their socks off? We can make it happen.


Often the greatest challenge in selecting the right furniture is gaining a full view of the options. F3 loves to listen, and from your goals we’ll bring our 20+ years of experience to bear and pull the possibilities into focus.


Building better office space can start to resemble a full-time job, we can provide a point person to manage logistics, including coordinating with architects, builders, vendors and beyond.


F3 furniture procurement services are all about the fit. When integrated with our space planning and design services, procurement delivers a powerful turn-key solution. F3 is also a good fit for Architects and designers, ensuring their visions are executed correctly and in budget.

Product Lines

F3 sources from the many brands for the right office fit, including:

Ergonomics is Essential

F3 believes that office ergonomics has a noticeable impact on employee moral and performance. Every recommendation we provide accounts for different work space requirements and looks to maximize the return on investment through happier, more comfortable employees.

Small office or big corporate remodel . . .

Let’s talk about it.

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