It all comes down to the human element.

Built space and office components ultimately need to do one thing: fulfill expectations. F3 Space Concepts stays with our clients beyond the sale to make sure the investment pays off.

Equipment Training

Proper ergonomics and work space set up is critical. Studies show 33% of all work place injury and illness cases are musculoskeletal – strain from improper body support. Education into the proper space set up and furniture usage ensures the capital investment is well worth it.

Service and Repair

Wear and tear happens. Call on F3 to fix issues with existing equipment and ensuring a long operating life. Our technicians are quick, knowledgeable and treat our client’s equipment as we do our own.

High-ROI office updates

Offices can see significant benefits in productivity, morale and client impressions with strategic furniture updates; we’ll work with your budget to find the best furniture solutions that bring you the greatest return on investment.

Small office or big corporate remodel . . .

Let’s talk about it.

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